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Phone log [Jan. 8th, 2007|09:52 pm]
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Characters: Uchiha Sasuke and Hyuuga Neji
Setting: Phone :D
Time: Around 8, 2 days after the night at the library
Rating: G
Warnings: awkward date plotting ^^;

Summary: Sasuke finally called Neji, and they planned a date.

The quiet drumming music poured from the speakers of the stereo set on Sasuke's desk, filling the room and bouncing around Sasuke's ears. The light generated by the tungsten desk lamp fell on the littered space before the young Uchiha. Pens, pencils, boxes of charcoal, and crumpled sheets of drawing paper scattered around the boy, along with stapled packets of notes from Art History. The computer screen was off, leaving the animated image of a leopard leaping from one corner to another. Sasuke's forehead rested on his palm, the other hand limp on the desk, fingers toying with a piece of paper. The piece of paper.

Teeth sunk down on his bottom lip as his eyes screwed shut. Should he do it? Should he just ignore Neji to avoid trouble from now on? No, he couldn't ignore the Hyuuga if he tried. That night in the library... those kisses... Sasuke hadn't been able to get them off his mind since. And it had only been two days. It felt like a dream. Everything moved so fast. Suddenly Sasuke was... 'involved' with another person in that kind of relationship. It snuck up on him when he least expected it. Neji did too. He was overwhelmed and confused. Confused about Neji's intentions, confused about his words, confused about his own emotions. He didn't know what to do. Reason had told him to refuse, but another part of his mind was egging him on, feeding to the growing attraction towards the older boy.

And now that he had Neji's number, all that was left was to decide whether to call or not.

His hand inched towards the phone, laying just inches away, but hesitated. What would he say? Nothing came to mind, and he had sat there pondering for what seemed like hours. He couldn't decide. He was... nervous. What would happen if he did call? What would happen if he didn't? Neji would think that Sasuke was not interested. He was. He really was. But he didn't know how to act about it.

A groan and the Uchiha snatched up the phone, fingers punching the numbers.

At the same moment, Neji was lying on his bed and staring at the ceiling. He had finished dinner, Hinata was working late at the cafe, and he didn't have any pressing reason to leave the apartment. So he just lay there, lost in thought... and inevitably his mind wandered back to two days ago, at the library. Sasuke still hadn't called, and Neji was beginning to wonder if he ever would. He knew that it was going to end up like this, but he had been hoping that it wouldn't, hoping that maybe it would be all right. Perhaps kissing Sasuke had been a bad idea... now Neji wanted to do it again, to do more than kiss him, and the odds were that he'd never even see him again.

Just as his train of thought starting down this depressing path, he was abruptly pulled back to reality by a loud chiming noise. He sat up quickly and looked around before realizing that it was only his cell phone. Rolling his eyes at his own irrational surprise (what else could it possibly have been?) Neji picked it up and looked at the tiny, flashing screen on the outside- "Unknown Number". This was odd... the only people who ever called him were Mr. and Mrs. LaCroix, and occasionally Hinata or Lee. Perhaps it was... but it was best not to get his hopes up.

He opened up the phone and put it to his ear. "Hello?"

The soft voice reached his ear, and Sasuke cringed. A thick lump was stuck in his throat, and he was lost for words. (Not like he ever figured out what to say in the first place, but now, speaking directly to Neji, it was even harder.) For a full minute, he sat there, fingers curling and uncurling, trying to relax himself.

"Hey." He managed to let out a word.

The Hyuuga sat at the edge of the bed, his eyebrows knitted together in concentration. It sounded like Sasuke... but over the phone it was difficult to tell.

"Who am I speaking to?"

"... It's me, Sasuke."

Neji nearly dropped the phone. "Oh... hi, Sasuke." He had no clue what he was supposed to say now. What was one supposed to say to a person that they'd hit on at the library two days ago who seemed to be interested but weren't really dating?

"...How are you?"

Sasuke bit his lip. He could feel the awkwardness over the phone, coming from both of them. It was strange. He didn't know how to act, or what to say, or where to lead the conversation to. He didn't know where he wanted it to go either. It felt like a thing he needed to do, something that seemed right, but now that he had called Neji, words were stuck.

"I'm... fine. You?"

"Ah... yeah, I'm fine. Just ate dinner; not really doing much right now." Even in his mind the words had sounded stupid, but what else was he supposed to say? He couldn't just ask Sasuke out on a date, could he?

But there was no point in avoiding the inevitable... especially not with small talk.

"I've been thinking about... the other day."

It was what he had expected... that topic. It wasn't like he could talk about something else when the call was supposed to address that issue... Whether he was comfortable talking about it was not important. He knew it was going to be brought up, but still, the mention of that night brought mixed thoughts to his mind.

"... Yeah?"

Neji rolled his eyes... this was going to be like pulling teeth. "Have you?"

"... Yes."

Sasuke was cursing himself now. He was supposed to face it, but instead, he was trying to run away from the problem. It was not how he wanted to be. It was not what he trained himself to be.

But then again, he had never expected something like this to happen.

The longhaired boy sighed... Sasuke was still so confused, and who could blame him? And Neji was responsible for it; if he had just left it alone, they'd both still be... happy?

Had they been happy?

"Do you... do you think you could maybe..." the words caught in his throat, not wanting to be let out into the open "give me a chance?"

He could hear the uncertainty in Neji's voice, the fear of rejection lodging in the hesitant words, and he gulped. Maybe Sasuke was thinking too hard, maybe he saw things for the worse, maybe he would miss something that he would end up regretting later on, something that might be a good opportunity for him, and for Neji. Maybe he was making both of them feel bad because of his doubts.

Maybe if he just did what he felt was right, everything would be okay.

"... Are you free this Saturday?"

Neji's eyes widened. "Ah... yes, the shop closes at around 6... and I've got nothing else to do..." He wondered why he kept hesitating; it wasn't as if he ususualy had any plans on Saturday. "Is there someplace you want to go for dinner?"

At this, the Uchiha froze for a second. He didn't eat out much, and when he did, it wasn't at any overly formal places. Where did people go to when they went on a date? He had no clue.

"... We could... go to Riverwalk and choose a place. It doesn't matter to me."

"All right... so, I'll see you Saturday?" He had been tempted to ask "it's a date?" but decided against it.

"... But... where?"

"I live on Dumaine, near Decatur... my apartment's above that voodoo shop, Queen Marie's. Just go around to the side alley, there's a door with the same address as the shop that leads to some stairs; my apartment's up there."

"... All right. I'll be there at 6:30."