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Open Thread [Jan. 5th, 2007|08:25 pm]


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Characters: Kimimaro, and whoever wants to join in.
Setting: Begins at the Cafe Envie coffeehouse.
Time: A January afternoon
Rating: G... for now.
Warnings: None.
Summary: Kimimaro wanders around the French Quarter, looking for something to do.

Kimimaro sat outside of Cafe Envie, sipping from a cup of coffee as he watched people pass by. This cafe attracted a different sort of customer than the Cafe du Monde down the street, which he had almost stopped at, before realizing that if he were to go inside he would come out covered in the powdered sugar that always littered the floor inside. Cafe du Monde was a tourist attraction. It was an unwritten rule that everyone who visited New Orleans had to go there and order cafe au lait and a beignet. Thus it was no only the masses of powdered sugar that had sent Kimimaro to Envie... it was the thought of listening to dozens of tourists and passers-by attempting to pronounce "beignet". And while Cafe Envie had its fair share of French and Italian words on the menu, it was not as widely known, and therefore much safer.

Other than this small outing, Kimimaro's day had been rather average. Three giant enzyme pills, a nebulizer full of medicine, and eggs for breakfast. Then he sat around until nearly noon, pondering whether he should follow Kabuto's advice or not: go outside. Normally Kimimaro stayed in his room (wherever it happened to be in any given month) unless he was running an errand or doing something for Orochimaru. Aside from that he would read whatever material happened to be around, and await orders... he was ready to go at a moment's notice.

But some days there were no assignments, and he would just be holed up in his room all day long. Kabuto- and nearly every other doctor he had seen- had advised him that this isolation was bad for him, because persons with terminal illnesses were prone to depression... et cetera. Kimimaro usually ignored them, but today he had asked to go out to lunch and been given permission... and now at his next appointment he could say that he'd been heeding their advice (and leave out how often he was doing so.)

It was a pleasant enough day... sunny, not too warm, and a slight breeze. Kimimaro just wasn't entirely sure what he was supposed to do now. He'd already eaten lunch- the remnants of a turkey sandwich on a croissant lay on a napkin in front of him. He was probably supposed to socialize... but with who? There were people walking by, but he didn't know or recognize any of them. And what would he say to them? "My doctors told me to get out more"? Ridiculous. And he felt as if he was wasting time, just sitting around out here... he could be doing something useful right now, and instead he was hanging around outside a cafe, drinking overpriced European coffee.

Fed up with sitting around, waiting for whatever he was supposed to be waiting for, Kimimaro rose from his seat, tossed his empty cup in the trash, and walked up Decatur, back towards Jackson Square.

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